This 4-point website audit boosts email signups

Think about it: What makes you want to share your email address?

There are the obvious reasons: get banking or investment notifications, stay in touch with friends that are social media dropouts, work stuff.

Or, maybe you’re already a customer and want announcements, educational materials, concert notifications, wait-list updates.

But what about you as a “prospect” — how does a brand convince you to hand over your email address?

We’ve talked about the best practice of proactively grouping or segmenting your list by unique customer profile data. And how it’s up to you to craft personalized, valuable messages so they’re happy to get more email from you than you might think.

But when your goal is to build your email list and fill it with folks who actually convert to customers, the first place to start making improvements is your website because that’s usually the place an interested prospect often ends up.

Make more offers 

You might be surprised to learn that your website visitors, audience, readers, and prospects actually want to give you their email addresses. In fact, they’ve done the hard part just by showing up to your website, and they’re looking for reasons to stay in touch… or not.

So it’s up to you to make it worth their time and give them a reason to support your brand.

If you can earn their trust in your ability to provide high-quality, valuable content, they will be more than happy to exchange an email address.

You can test what converts best: a branded case study, an e-book, a white paper, an industry trend report, or newsletter. Giving them excellent content should be a given. Just make sure what they get and how they get it is crystal clear in the offer.

Check these 4 points   

This quick and easy review can help you assess where your website is in peak signup condition, and where it can use some sprucing up.

  1. You have abundant opportunities for email signups sprinkled throughout your site and in your content, and perhaps in the top banner and near the footer,
  2. You have clear, clickable buttons for email gathering with easy, action-based calls to action, for example, “Get your copy,” “Claim your spot,” “Stay informed,” or “Subscribe”.
  3. There are multiple landing pages dedicated to gathering emails for different offers and different stages of the customer journey (whitepapers, eBooks, webinars, portfolio reviews, free or low cost services, etc.)
  4. You have other interactive and engaging web forms that meet prospects in their user journey. For samples, check out online form builder apps like Google Forms, Jotform, Formstack, or Typeform.

There are lots of ways to get an email so you can do more marketing to future customers. These tips can help get you there faster.

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