How to write an investment one pager [examples + templates]

Crafting the perfect investment one pager: a comprehensive guide

In today’s fast-paced investment landscape, a well-crafted investment one pager can be the difference between securing capital or striking out. It’s your first step towards making a lasting impression on potential investors.

And in a world where 30-second videos barely hold people’s attention, one-pagers are a proven way to capture investor attention. 

Understanding the investment one pager 

An investment one pager is a concise document designed to communicate the essence of your business and investment opportunity swiftly. It serves as a crucial tool in catching and retaining the attention of VC investors, deal brokers, and fintech owners, highlighting why your venture stands out.

How concise? 

The time an average investor spends with a one pager averages five minutes. If you believe the anecdotes, it’s probably less. 

That doesn’t mean there aren’t design rules or tangible tactics that will make your one pager stand out.

Investors know exactly what they’re after and can spot it fast. If the document is a mess or leaves out key details, you won’t be able to telegraph your value. So it can be a mistake trying to jazz it up with fluff can be a mistake. 

Can you skip the one pager? 

While it might seem easier to bypass this step in your funding search, your investment one pager not only demonstrates a level of seriousness about securing investment but also sets a professional first impression. 

Investors are inundated with pitches. They look for signs of commitment and thoughtfulness about an idea. A well-organized, visually appealing one pager not only piques curiosity but also facilitates a more meaningful dialogue by summarizing key business aspects. 

This convenience allows investors to quickly grasp your company’s essentials, significantly streamlining their decision-making process. 

Don’t let the brevity of this document fool you. The one pager can make it much easier to receive funding.

The key components of an effective one pager


+ Your company overview or executive summary 

The most important part of a one pager is a powerful introduction. 

The most powerful introductions are personal.

If you can manage to get your introduction right, your audience will be compelled to read the rest. But get your introduction wrong, and you will never get a chance to explain anything else.

The more personal the story, the more excitement you can generate. This is no secret to best selling storytellers be they novelists or marketing mavens. So spend a lot of time finding and refining your hook. If you can’t make it a personal stor, make it about the mission. If you can’t make it about the mission, make it about your target customer’s mission.

Summarize your company’s mission, vision, target market, and unique value proposition in a few sentences. 

This section should capture the story of your business, emphasizing why it’s a lucrative investment opportunity.

+ Your team  

Investors sometimes invest based on the team alone, the logic being a great team can solve almost any challenge

Detail your team’s background, highlighting relevant experience and achievements. Showcasing a strong , competent team builds confidence in your company’s capability to execute its business plan when the inevitable speed bumps arise.

+ Your key differentiators 

You need to clearly articulate what sets your venture apart, listing any patents, proprietary technology, or unique business models. This demonstrates your competitive advantage and market potential.

Pro Tip: In general, don’t include proprietary data or insist on an NDA as a prerequisite to read the one pager. 

+ Your financial profile 

Present a snapshot of your financial health and future projections. Keep it simple yet informative, providing investors with a clear understanding of the financial trajectory.

+ Your deal’s facts and figures 

Outline the market, investment amount, use of funds, and expected returns. Ensure this section is straightforward, making it easy for investors to grasp the value and terms of the deal.

What not to include in your one pager 

Avoid overcomplicating your one pager with technical jargon, excessive detail, odd font choices, and overly design.

Don’t use any hyperbole. Yes, even if you are offering ”the investment of the century!” 

Once again, don’t include proprietary information that requires an NDA to be signed beforehand. The goal is to get a meeting by communicating your investment opportunity quickly and effectively, keeping the document polished and professional.

Pro Tip: If you have to take a breath in the middle of any sentence, it’s too long.

Crafting your one pager: step-by-step

Begin brainstorming with our template tailored for investment one pagers. This will help you focus on clear, persuasive language and a logical structure, as well as highlighting each unique selling point, financial promise, and the caliber of your team, ensuring your one pager stands out.



Our investment one pager template will help you get started. Click below, then go to File > Make a copy, and save to your personal Google Drive or desktop.

Finance Studio Investment One Pager Template Download

Design tips for maximum impact

Use design elements to enhance the readability and professional appearance of your one pager.

Pro tip: If you’re not a designer by trade, don’t start now. Investing in help from an experienced designer will pay off.

Investment one pager design example 1
Investment one pager design example 2

Distributing your investment one pager

Distribute your one pager quickly to maximize review time by interested parties. Other best practices include:

  • Sending via confidential or encrypted email to the investment team on completion.
  • Ensure the teaser reaches the VC before any in-person contact.
  • Be prepared for the possibility that your email may be reviewed after the first meeting, or that you might pitch at an unplanned time, so carry a printed copy just in case.
  • Also bring hard copies to meetings to avoid any technical disruptions.
  • Opt for PDF format for consistency and readability across different devices and platforms, but confirm preferred formats with the VC and adjust accordingly.

Successful investment one pager examples

Reviewing examples of successful investment one pagers can provide valuable insights into what resonates with investors.

Example 1: Fintech Startup – Revolutionary Payment Solution

Introducing “PayTech Innovations,” a fintech startup revolutionizing the payment industry with its AI-driven payment gateway. PayTech Innovations offers a secure, scalable, and user-friendly platform that simplifies transactions for businesses globally. Highlighting a 200% year-over-year growth and strategic partnerships with major e-commerce platforms, their one-pager successfully attracted significant VC interest, underscoring the potential for market dominance and high ROI.

Example 2: Healthtech Company – Patient Care Platform

The CEO of “HealthBridge Solutions” has an elderly parent who couldn’t navigate the complicated apps to get needed care His team developed a platform that enhances patient care using advanced data analytics and telemedicine services in a simplified format seniors focus groups found easy to engage with. Their investment one-pager outlined how their technology significantly reduces hospital re-admission rates and improves patient outcomes, attracting attention from investors keen on transformative healthcare solutions. With pilot programs in over 50 hospitals, HealthBridge’s compelling financial projections and market need demonstration secured a successful funding round.

Example 3: Edtech Venture – Educational Access and Quality

“FuTuR.eD,” an edtech venture, is on a mission to transform educational access and quality with its online learning platform tailored for underserved communities. Their investment one-pager showcased a scalable business model, strong market traction with over 100,000 active users, and impactful testimonials from educators and students. Highlighting documented social impact alongside profitability, FuTuR.eD successfully garnered support from impact investors and venture capital firms focused on educational innovations.

Conclusion: Your path to investment success

A compelling investment one pager is key to unlocking every investment opportunity. By applying these guidelines, you can create a document that not only captures but sustains investor interest, paving the way for fruitful discussions and potential partnerships. 

Finance Studio can help create, write, design, or refine investment one pagers with more effective storytelling and design so you can secure the capital needed for your venture’s next growth phase.

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