A holistic approach to launching a new brand

When real estate investment firm MODIV needed evergreen content to support their newly launched brand, Finance Studio jumped in to create a series of posts unique to their audience and new identity. Check out this example.

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Finance Studio is the platform for digital, content and design projects suited to each individual brand’s needs and budget. Whether you’re looking to update your branding, redesign your website, or start a new content series, Finance Studio has you covered.

Studio insights: 7 rules for creating an irresistible call to action

Think about the emails you actually open and read. Now think about the emails that contain a link you actually click.

After the marketer got your attention with a catchy subject line, how were you led to the next step, the all important click-through? What makes you do it?

Check out these 7 steps to ensure your call to action is as compelling as possible.

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