Better CTAs = Higher CTRs

Email CTAs that get all the clicks

According to research, emails with a single CTA can increase click-through ratios (CTRs) by as much as 371% and sales by as much as 1,617%.

Ever wonder what makes people click on a link?

When it’s time to direct readers to do something, crafting an excellent call to action is the key.

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CTA twice (or thrice) below the fold

The golden rule in web marketing is to position CTAs above the fold. But in fact, 91-100% of people scroll below the fold (Huge, Inc) making a single CTA at the top of the page ineffective for driving conversions.

In this post we wrote for Better Mortgage, there are multiple calls to action. You will notice they are all the same. In long content, it’s okay to intersperse multiple CTAs as long as they aren’t for different actions or multiple offers. 

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