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DBi came to us with the goal of bringing its brand and product mainstream. Having created a very successful, albeit, complex futures fund, DBi wanted to simplify its value proposition to resonate with a mainstream audience.

We kicked off the partnership with a 360 branding exercise, which became the catalyst to turn Dynamic Beta into DBi. Our efforts were rewarded with two Addy® Awards, Gold for logo and Silver for the website.

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how to be a better financial writer part 5 image 1

Ever found yourself squinting at financial articles, wondering if you need a dictionary just to understand an investment tip or market summary?

If you’re wondering how to slice through the financial fog and serve up clear, easy-to-understand content that could convert your grandma, this post is for you. 

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China’s Prospects Are Far from Bright
Very little in Chinese economics has looked good since 2020, and the Covid pandemic doesn’t have much to do with it. Vested Chief Economist, Milton Ezrati, explores factors contributing to China’s self-inflicted economic woes. 

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Leveraging Social Media for Insurance and Finance

Strategies for financial institutions to boost engagement and sales through utilizing behavioral economics and social media. (The Financial Brand)

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