Close encounters of the conversion kind

Content that connects:
Sealing the deal

Up to the evaluation stage, the content types we’ve discussed have been about getting customers interested to learn more about your company and solutions. This covers top-of-funnel (TOFU) and middle-of-funnel (MOFU) content.

But as we approach the bottom-of-funnel (BOFU) it’s time to win the sale, which means delivering content with more specific reasons to buy. Does this mean bringing out the old-school “hard sell” copy? Not at all. But you should be thinking about how to convey some concrete differentiators.

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Raisin' the bar on conversion stage content

Speaking of concrete differentiators, 50% of Gen Zs and Millennials say they trust online services to protect their data, versus just three in 10 older consumers. (Deloitte) This makes way for security-conscious brands to shine.

When Raisin brought their European savings platform to the U.S., building confidence in security was the highest priority. Finance Studio helped produce web copy and over 20 articles, explainers, and blogs to help educate and build trust with target consumers.

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