Compliance kicked your qualifiers to the curb?

Conquering compliance bottlenecks, part 2: Qualify carefully

“Investing in the stock market is always a safe bet.”

“The financial market will improve, and so will your portfolio.”

“Everyone knows these savings products can greatly improve your returns.”

Notice a problem with these statements? They’re loaded with qualifying words, and they’re the bane of all compliance people…

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Smarter copy for Avenu Bank

Banking-as-a-service (BaaS) global demand is predicted to rise at a rate of 16.2 percent over the next decade, driven by consumer demand for more embedded finance options. But the middleware that drives your run-of-the-mill banking apps are often legacy technology driven by tech rather than banks who know the business of banking.

Throwing down a challenge to sponsor banks and middleware providers, MainStreet Bank required smart web copy support from Finance Studio for its new BaaS platform, Avenu.

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