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Conquering compliance bottlenecks: Giving advice

You worked so hard on a fabulous piece of content. One that inspires, is share-worthy and does an incredible job of showing how you, your product, service, or company can help the reader – your future customer. 

But when you finally get it back from compliance, it’s bleeding in a sea of hot-pink comments, deletions, and suggestions, with no semblance of your original writing.

If you’re having a tough time getting financial content through this compliance bottleneck…

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Overcoming the thought-leader engagement gap

71% of B2B decision-makers say that less than half the thought leadership they consume gives them valuable insights. (NY Times)

This leaves a tremendous gap, which financial marketers can fill as they proactively develop their content plans.

Invesco recently tapped Finance Studio to help create this engaging thought leadership article aimed at financial professionals looking for ways to differentiate themselves and attract high-caliber clients in an increasingly competitive market.

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