How much email is too much?

How often should you email your list? Probably more than you think.

The most important thing to remember about folks on your email list is that they subscribed because they actually want to hear from you.

They’re giving you an opportunity to make them a fan of your brand. Not only did they see something about you they liked, but they signed up for more!

Since you’ve been given an opportunity to deliver value and, lest we forget, generate revenue, here are some ideas to make it count …  

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Data visualization for shorter attention spans

Never before in the history of human beings have we had such progressively declining attention spans. But if you thought presenting data was hard before digital culture, you’d be right. 

Long before Edward Tufte coined the term chartjunk to refer to useless or information-obscuring elements of design, financial marketers have had to contend with how to present data visually to be as clear and elegant as possible for the reader.

Our work for an IALC annuities campaign rested upon lots of data, requiring innovative design to keep attention focused on the microsite and free white paper download.  

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