When writer’s block hits like a market correction

Content that connects: Secrets of the Awareness Stage

You’re pumped up for a new year of content calendar creation, ideation, and execution. But when writer’s block hits you as inevitably as a market correction, you need help.

That’s when a solid content strategy comes into play. The content funnel reflects a general snapshot of the stages in which your website visitors and potential customers will engage with your content depending on where they are along the journey from prospect to repeat customer. Not a new concept… but very powerful.

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How to's turn prospects into customers

72% of marketers say “how-to” articles are the clear performers for top of funnel content. (SE Journal)

Offering prospects content that gives them concrete solutions is one of the best ways to keep them engaged. This type of content contributes to the perception of thought leadership as well as giving your website a boost to organic traffic over the long haul. 

When Commonwealth Financial Network needed a series of articles aimed at advisors considering going independent, though not strictly financial, Finance Studio’s long background working with this target audience made us a natural fit.

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