If you structure, they will read

Raisin' the bar on content

Bringing a European savings platform to the U.S. meant content … and lots of it.

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Raisin tapped Finance Studio for web copy, plus 20+ articles, explainers, and blogs to help educate customers. 

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When an editor reads bad writing, they have to read it all the way to the end in order to provide feedback to the writer. It’s part of the job.

But when your customer reads bad writing, they just stop reading.

They might also form an unconscious (or fully conscious) negative opinion about the brand that allowed the writing to see the light of day.

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What we're reading

Amid cookie deprecation, we need creative signals more than ever:

Great minds in the industry are focused on creating new linkages, signals, and identifiers rooted in first-party data and identity; others are making huge strides with contextual-based approaches. New opinion from The Current.

Vested insights

Consumer Confidence Amid Uncertainty: With inflation in the UK at a standstill and global elections looming, the macroeconomic factors at play will continue to impact consumer confidence this year. As consumers are looking for partners they can count on, Vested dives into how financial brands can show up as trusted voices and advisors.

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