Marketing’s #1 meta-skill: Know your audience

87% of B2B marketers prioritize audience informational needs over the organization’s sales/promotional messages (CMI). In content marketing these two needs often converge, so understanding behavioral motivations for your audience is a skill with endless applications.

When Commonwealth Financial Network needed a series of HR explainers for newly independent advisors, even though not strictly financial content, Finance Studio’s long background working with the target audience made us a natural fit.

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Our 8-step content process for financial clients

You spent hours in the gig marketplace trying to find the best writer for the job. But now… you’re on the fifth round of edits for the blog post they wrote trying to explain financial services, and still no end in sight.

You’re also wondering why you’re still catching typos, not seeing the research links that you requested, and you’re pretty sure you’re going to miss your publishing deadline. 

If you manage a content team, you need a process.

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