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To attract the most loyal following, LinkedIn recommends posting 3-5 times per week. And while most executives know they ought to be posting more, the majority of CEOs only post on LinkedIn an average of twice a year.

If you’re a busy finance executive looking for social media posting ideas, or you manage an executive profile, this article is for you.

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How to turn prospects into clients with a content series

72% of marketers say “how-to” articles are the clear performers for top of the funnel content. (SE Journal)

Offering prospects content with an answer or direct solution is one of the best ways to keep them engaged. Over the long haul, this type of content can also provide a major boost to organic traffic.

Commonwealth Financial Network

When Commonwealth Financial Network needed a series of explainers for advisors considering going independent, though not strictly financial, Finance Studio’s long background working with the target audience made us a natural fit.

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