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Retention stage returns

While a steady flow of new customers is the goal of every business, ignoring the customers you’ve already won is leaving money on the table. A lot of money, actually.

According to Semrush, the probability of selling to an existing customer is between 60% to 70%. And repeat customers spend 67% more than new customers.

Surprisingly, only 2 out 5 companies have an equal focus on customer acquisition and retention. 😬

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2024 web design trends [free guide]

Finance Studio Web Trends 2024 Report

Web design is an ever-changing landscape. With each passing year new trends emerge and take the design world by storm. 

We scoured the internet and put together a guide on what to look for throughout 2024. 

You’ll see long-scroll storytelling, new layouts, new vibes, a typography renaissance, and much more. Don’t miss our hot take on the web’s latest trends!

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What gives you better reach on X: a good old-fashioned tweet thread or one long-form post? Here’s what Hootsuite found.

Economist perspective

Chief Economist Milton Ezrati article bitcoin

Bitcoin Again: Bigger and Better 

In light of the SEC’s approval of Bitcoin ETFs, our Chief Economist Milton Ezrati explores Bitcoin’s volatility and investment value. With some $4.6 billion flowing on the first day the funds became available, what can we expect in the coming months?


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