Keywords Your Competitors Missed 2

Search engines are competitive, and financial brands face more competition for keywords than ever. To win the SEO game, you must know how to unearth high-converting keywords your competitors have missed to give you an upper hand.

If you’ve been wondering how to start scoring some first-page rankings for your financial brand, or set up a fledging website for SEO success, this is for you.

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CTA twice (or thrice) below the fold

The golden rule in web marketing is to position CTAs above the fold. However, 91-100% of people scroll below the fold, making a single CTA at the top of the page ineffective for driving conversions. (Huge, Inc)

In this post we produced for Better Mortgage, there are multiple calls to action. In long content, it’s okay to intersperse multiple CTAs as long as they’re all the same.

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