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Your competitors publish content on the regular. They may even invest tens of thousands of dollars to rank highly on Google. 

Even if your brand doesn’t have the resources or budget to compete, you can glean enough information from those posts to create high-value, SEO-driven articles your target market will devour. And you’re going to make them even better!

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Challenging legacy brands with smarter copy

Banking-as-a-service (BaaS) global demand is predicted to rise at a rate of 16.2 percent over the next decade, driven by consumer demand for more embedded finance options.

But the middleware that drives your run-of-the-mill banking apps is often legacy technology driven by tech rather than banks who know the business of banking.

Throwing down a challenge to sponsor banks and middleware providers, MainStreet Bank required smart web copy support from Finance Studio for its new BaaS platform, Avenu. 

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