‘Trust us’ won’t cut it anymore

Conquering compliance bottlenecks, part 3: Sources and citations

“The economy was in an upswing prior to the pandemic.”

“Mortgage rates are at their highest in two decades.”

“The world’s biggest hedge fund oversees about $300 billion in assets.”

While each of these statements may be true, why should your compliance reviewer (and your readers) believe them on their own merits?

If your content isn’t backed by adequate substantiation, it’s not as believable as it could be, which can create a compliance headache. Not to mention, lowering trust and engagement with consumers.

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Why you need to give more proof at the decision stage

Connect Invest commercial real estate whitepaper sample

White papers mostly target consumers at the decision stage of the buyer’s journey, so the writing must satisfy “proof of concept” to fuel confidence in a given solution.

This means weaving lots of relevant facts and research into a narrative that helps move the buying decision in your favor.

That’s exactly what Connect Invest asked Finance Studio to deliver in a white paper showing new investors ways to get into commercial real estate beyond buying buildings directly.

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