Want to improve SEO? Remove this content

We’re not saying content isn’t king, but it turns out certain kinds of content do more harm than good and can actually hurt SEO rankings.

What kind of content, you ask? Outdated content. If you want to identify and remove or properly update old content and give your search rankings a boost… article continues here.

Writing your own book can cost you

Book authorship is a highly effective way to demonstrate your expertise, build trust with prospects, and help secure opportunities to speak on podcasts, for news outlets, or at events.

However, not everybody has the time or skill to write a full-length book, which can show up in the finished product and have an opposite effect on credibility. 

Finance Studio helped One Tree Hill Investment Advisors realize “The Road to Retirement” book project, saving about a year of effort. Check out a chapter

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Economist perspective

China Is Losing Its Economic Edge, Especially Over The U.S. A recent dispatch from our Chief Economist, Milton Ezrati, published in Forbes.

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