White paper wizardry isn’t magic


How to write a financial services white paper

As sales environments are increasingly digital, nearly 57% of the buying process is completed by your soon-to-be-customer before even booking a first meeting with the sales rep. (Accenture) This means the information customers want to see about you, your company, product, or service not only has to be good, but also comprehensive.

In the realm of financial services, white papers can be an invaluable tool for educating potential clients, shaping industry dialogue, and positioning brands as thought leaders.

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"Proof of concept" at the decision stage

76% of buyers say they’re willing to share their personal information in exchange for a white paper. (Emerald) And 79% of B2B buyers say white papers were the type of content they were most likely to share. (Forbes)

White papers effectively target people at the decision stage of the buyer’s journey, so the writing must satisfy some “proof of concept” to build confidence in a given solution or idea. Connect Invest asked Finance Studio to deliver writing and design for this white paper showing new investors ways to get into commercial real estate without owning a building. 

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