30 MORE social post ideas for busy finance executives

A 2023 report tracked the LinkedIn and Twitter accounts of 55,000 executives. Key findings included:

>> Active leaders posted at least once per week on social media channels

>> The top 5 most active CEOs on LinkedIn posted 12 times per month

>> The top 5 exceeded average engagement rates among their peers by at least 2 percentage points

Every executive is a thought leader. Few have the time to write, let alone come up with consistent things to say.

Ready, set, post!

To help, we present our second list of 10 content categories, with three posting ideas for each category, that you or the executive social profile you manage can use as inspiration.

If you missed the first list, grab it here

Event takeaways
• Recap the keynotes and their implications for the future of your industry.

• Share your experience networking at the event and the valuable connections you made.

• Discuss how the event’s themes align with your company’s goals and strategies.

• Give a behind-the-scenes virtual tour of your workspace and explain how it enhances productivity.

• Share a day-in-the-life video showing your typical workday routines and habits.

• Discuss the brainstorming and creative process behind a major project.

Cite a study
• Analyze the potential impact of a new regulation on your industry.

• Discuss the implications of technological advancements for your business operations.

• Share your thoughts on a major industry merger or acquisition and its future effects.

• Create a guide on how you optimized your LinkedIn profile for maximum visibility.

• Share a step-by-step process for developing an effective marketing strategy.

• Offer a tutorial on using a specific tool or software that’s essential in your field.

• Describe a turning point in your career and the lessons you learned.

• Share a client success story that embodies key principles of your business philosophy.

• Discuss a historical event or figure that inspired your professional journey.

Industry infographic
• Create an infographic (or analyze an existing one)  comparing market trends over the past decade.

• Share a data visualization showing the impact of a new technology in your industry.
Highlight survey results on customer preferences and their implications for your business.

Live Q&A
• Host a themed Q&A session focused on a specific topic, like digital transformation.

• Invite a guest co-host to join your Q&A session for a broader range of insights.

• Use a Q&A session to discuss the findings of a recent industry report.

Share your mistakes
• Discuss the pitfalls of poor project management and how to avoid them.

• Share insights on how to navigate regulatory challenges in your industry.

• Reflect on the consequences of neglecting customer feedback and how to incorporate it effectively.

• Co-author an article with a thought leader on a trending industry issue.

• Create a collaborative video series discussing different aspects of industry transformation.

• Organize a virtual panel discussion with multiple experts and share the highlights.

• Address myths about the return on investment in digital marketing.

• Debunk misconceptions about the difficulty of adopting new technologies.

• Reframe a belief that traditional financial services are becoming obsolete.

Tap into the trends

Some topics or posting styles will be more geared to your personal brand or temperament than others. But you can reuse the same type of post as often as you like, and over time, you’ll start to see trends in what types of posts are more popular. 

Happy posting!

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