30 social post ideas for busy finance executives

LinkedIn says companies that post weekly to the platform see twice as much content engagement as those that don’t. 

To attract a truly loyal following, the platform recommends people post 3-5 times per week. 

And while most executives know they ought to be posting more on LinkedIn, a majority of CEOs only post an average of twice per year. 

If you’re a busy executive looking for social media posting ideas, or you manage an executive profile, this Insight is for you!

30 ways to leave your imprint

Lazy, bot-written content hasn’t completely taken over our newsfeeds. However, the rise of poorly conceived A.I. content has created an opportunity.

Leaders who demonstrate their humanity, sharing personal experiences and insights with a dash of vulnerability are in higher demand than ever.

Here is a list of 10 content categories, each with three posting ideas you, or the executive social profile you manage, can use as inspiration.

• Highlight a recent industry award or recognition and explain its significance to your career.

• Describe a challenging project you completed and the skills you developed through the experience.

• Share a milestone achieved by your team and the collaborative efforts that led to it.

• Talk about a time when you misjudged a market trend and how you adapted your strategy.

• Share an instance where you miscommunicated with a client and the steps you took to rebuild trust.

• Reflect on a leadership decision that didn’t go as planned and the leadership lessons you gained.

• Question the effectiveness of traditional marketing techniques in today’s digital age.

• Discuss where more diversity and inclusion is needed in your industry.

• Argue against the over-reliance on data and analytics, emphasizing the importance of intuition and creativity.

• Describe your method for balancing innovation with risk management.

• Share your approach to client onboarding and how it improves customer satisfaction.

• Explain how you integrate sustainability practices into your business operations.

• Highlight the impact of a mentor’s advice on your career path.

• Share how a book or course recommended by a colleague transformed your approach to work.

• Discuss the role of a professional network or community in your personal and professional growth.

• Post a video testimonial from a satisfied client, explaining how your services helped them.

• Share a case study detailing how you solved a complex problem for a customer.

• Highlight a long-term client relationship and the mutual growth experienced over the years.

• Share three apps that have revolutionized the way you manage your time.

• Recommend three podcasts that offer valuable industry insights and inspiration.

• Highlight three online courses that have significantly improved your professional skills

• Share tips on how to build a strong professional network from scratch.

• Offer advice on identifying and pursuing niche opportunities in your industry.

• Discuss the importance of continuous learning and how to stay updated with industry trends.

• Record a roundtable discussion with multiple experts on a trending topic.

• Zoom with a young professional making waves in the industry for a fresh perspective.

• Podcast with a thought leader from a related field to bring in interdisciplinary insights.

• Compare and contrast the insights from two influential books in your field.

• Share how a specific chapter or concept from a book changed your approach to business.

• Discuss a controversial idea from an article and your perspective on it.

Pretty penny for your thoughts

These thought-provoking topics tailored for financial executives to share on LinkedIn, will showcase expertise and help spark meaningful industry conversations. Not to mention, impact your bottom line.

Stay tuned for more!

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