Case Study: Options Group annual report

Rethinking the annual report


Options Group (OG), a preeminent Wall Street executive search firm, required process and project management for its annual sell-side and buy-side reports, along with a top-down redesign to improve the reports’ look and feel. Both reports cover recruiting trends, predictions, and detailed compensation data gathered across global executive leadership firm-wide. Finally, the reports would serve as owned content marketing for lead generation by way of social media and website forms.


For editorial content, we decentralized the information-gathering process by setting up automated, collaborative surveys to collect OG leaders’ insights and compensation data. We also worked with an internal project leader and team to encourage survey participation and data analysis. To create the new, on-brand, full-color print and digital report, we managed design milestones and deadlines with an external design and printing agency. At launch, we assisted in drafting website and social media copy.


Managing this 6-month project, we produced more than 200 pages of full-color content every year, incorporating research from the newly-created OG surveys, publicly available news sources, and trade publications.

By setting up collaborative, real-time documents, OG saved hundreds of combined hours in tedious version control and inefficient data-gathering processes. With a fresh look and more action-based copywriting, OG more than tripled its lead generation opportunities and doubled report sales generated from social media, press, and web inquiry forms.

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