Case Study: Marcus by Goldman Sachs launch content

Giving a human voice to a banking authority


Marcus by Goldman Sachs' logoTHE BRIEF

Long the authority in investment banking, Goldman Sachs (GS) branched out to retail banking with its Marcus high-yield savings products. To appeal to a new, unfamiliar retail savings audience, the bank needed relatable, original content unique from its traditional and institutional, yet wide-ranging research.


Many on “Main Street” already perceived GS as the authority on “Wall Street.” But few recognized a distinctly human presence behind the corporate brand. The goal was to use blog content to relate to and convince potential savers that Marcus was the best place to keep their savings. The blog’s voice would appeal to someone highly mobile, digitally savings-savvy, intellectual, and economically curious.

To achieve this goal, we worked with Marcus’ content marketing team to curate and write on topics from GS’ vast library of proprietary research. We leveraged GS’ economic reports; video briefings with prominent executives and subject-matter experts; and analyses on markets, industries, and trends. We also applied GS’ SEO findings to capture high-ranking opportunities among competitor content.


We produced 2 weekly pieces of original short-form content around 500-750 words each, all with a conversational, friendly, and smart voice, similar to that of an amusing and educational advice and opinion column. 

Sample reading:

In addition, we painstakingly researched all content to ensure accuracy and satisfy GS’ style and compliance rules.

Within 8 months, a Marcus user survey reported our work helped the brand achieve a 33 percent lift in “favorability” and 19 percent uptick in brand awareness.

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