Deadline defying content delivery process

Swipe this 8-step content delivery process

You spent hours in the gig marketplace trying to find the best writer for the job. But now … you’re wondering why you’re still catching typos, not seeing the research links you requested, and are pretty sure you’re going to miss your publishing deadline.

8 Step content delivery process laptop view

If you manage a content calendar or marketing team, you need a process. Here’s ours. Watch the video >>>

Giving a human voice to a banking authority

When Goldman Sachs branched into retail banking with Marcus, the bank had to differentiate from its traditional, institutional voice. Many on “Main Street” already perceived GS as the authority on “Wall Street.” But few recognized a distinctly human presence behind the corporate brand.

Based on GS research, we produced a series of original content with a conversational, friendly, and smart tone, similar to that of an amusing and educational advice and opinion column — at scale.

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What we're reading

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Top 15 Sentiment Analysis Tools: Understanding how customers truly feel about your brand is what sentiment analysis is all about. But tracking sentiment is no piece of cake.

Sentiment analysis tools use AI and natural language processing to understand the context behind social media posts, reviews and feedback—much like a human but at a much faster rate and larger scale. Sprout Social.

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