Your growth marketing dream team [part 2]

Hopefully, there’s a person in your company who is the go-to go-between for technical and marketing teams.

For fintech startups and financial services firms, the bridge between technical innovation and market success is often held by this pivotal figure.

That certain special someone who knows all the details about new product launches, knows how you stack up against what your competitors offer, and knows how to make specs sound sexy.

Perhaps you already have a Product Marketer on your team. 

But if you’re still building your dream growth marketing team and want to know more about what this person can do for you, keep reading! 

Fast & Curious Too

In our previous issue, we talked about how marketing teams have evolved in the most traditional sense to reflect digital marketing innovations and tech-enabled products. 

We then introduced the Acquisition Marketer, and shared how they focus on CRM, digital marketing channels like social media, and technical aspects like building landing pages — all in the name of getting customers.

Today’s “growth dream team” member is the Product Marketer, who is instrumental to fintech startups and financial services firms who want to target new customers who can benefit from their latest innovations.

This role is not only a liaison between the technical and marketing teams but a central figure in cross-departmental collaboration helping finance brands achieve marketing and sales goals through:

Market segmentation and targeting to determine which customer segments are most likely to benefit from the product, which assists in tailoring marketing strategies and improving product fit.

Product lifecycle management including managing launch plans, monitoring market feedback, and making adjustments to products or strategies based on performance and changing market conditions.

Performing competitive analysis to analyze competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, pricing strategies, and market positioning.

Content creation and management either leading or significantly contributing to the creation of product-related content, such as product guides, FAQs, whitepapers, and case studies. This content is crucial for educating both internal stakeholders and customers.

Training and support for sales and customer support teams on new products or updates, providing crucial insights these teams need to effectively sell and support the product to create even more value for customers.

Monitoring metrics and KPIs related to product success in the market, such as sales volume, market penetration, customer satisfaction, and ROI.

Working with sales, customer service, and even the finance department, Product Marketers can ensure that the product messaging and strategy align with broader company goals and customer expectations.

Easy to see why this role is vital for navigating the complexities of modern digital marketing and helping harmonize product development with consumer engagement.

Next up, another crucial member of the modern marketing team and the person who helps brings it all together – the Content Marketer.

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