Your growth marketing dream team [part 3]

We’ve been putting together the marketing “dream team” as the ideal of every financial brand.

But there’s one person who communicates your brand, offerings, and value in a way that informs, educates, and engages your prospects.

If you’re wondering why this key marketer is special, and who they are, this is for you.

Content to be the best

We’ve been sharing ways marketing teams have evolved to reflect digital marketing innovations in tech-enabled financial products and services.

First, we shared the functions of the Acquisition Marketing Manager, who helps generate an endless supply of leads via digital channels and social media.

Next, we told you about the Product Marketing Manager who handles the details on innovative product launches and unearths the best ways to target users.

Today, it’s all about the Content Marketing Manager.

This essential member of the growth marketing team looks after all of the following initiatives: 

Brand storytelling and helping craft compelling stories that create emotional connections with the audience. This involves understanding the core values and messages of the brand and weaving these into content that aligns with the audience’s values and interests.

Content personalization making the most of data and analytics to tailor content to different segments of the audience, ensuring that it resonates with various user preferences and behaviors, thereby increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Content Lifecycle Management from initial concept through publication to ‘retirement’. This includes auditing and updating older content to ensure continued relevance and compliance with brand standards as well as updates to financial regualtions.

SEO and content optimization including keyword research and analysis, optimizing meta descriptions, and ensuring content aligns with current SEO best practices.

Audience engagement and true community building involves managing and moderating social media discussions, responding to comments, and fostering a community that enhances brand loyalty and customer retention.

Cross-platform content strategy requires understanding the nuances of each platform to maximize impact. This includes adapting content for different mediums such as video, podcasts, infographics, and more, ensuring consistent messaging across all touchpoints.

Measurement and reporting on content performance to stakeholders in order to refine strategies for future initiatives, and track engagement rates, conversion rates, and overall ROI. 

Content Marketing Managers not only sustain but also amplify the brand’s voice in a crowded marketplace. As financial brands strive to differentiate themselves and forge meaningful connections with their customers, the strategic insights and creative prowess of a skilled Content Marketing Manager become indispensable.

Next time we’ll wrap up our modern marketing team series with a bit of analysis.

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