Case Study: Genesis website lead gen machine

Genesis logo smTHE BRIEF

After taking over website servicing and digital marketing for Genesis, we were entrusted with a complete overhaul of their web identity that included a completely redesigned website and multiple digital marketing campaigns to drive traffic to their door.


From the initial discovery sit-down to the launch of the new website, our primary focus was to generate leads for Genesis. You need customers to make money: it’s that simple. With that in mind, we designed the whole website to steer users toward the contact forms on each page. From there, we linked the forms to their client on-boarding software.

As for the website look and feel, our team created a visual identity that was clean, modern and befitting of a leader in the cryptocurrency industry. We employed a combination of strategic photography, icons and a distinctive color palette to convey calming, trustworthy and professional.

Case Study: Genesis Global Trading website design 2

We delivered the goods and then some—Genesis saw a 300% increase in web traffic in the first week alone. That incredible stat seems almost too good to be true, but the data doesn’t lie.

"Whether asking them to create a new online advertising campaign or turn around a website change quickly, we could not ask for better partners." 

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