Unlocking powerful customer testimonials

It’s a beautiful thing when a customer is happy.

Even better when they express their satisfaction during a call or in writing. 

But don’t let compliments go idle. It’s up to you to put their kind words to work, helping sell your financial product or service for you. 

Customer testimonials can help convince future prospects that they’re in good hands. Here’s how to get more of them … and use them more effectively.

Stats and facts

In this series, we’ve shared how to create case studies that can skyrocket your sales and, taking our cues from time-tested storytelling truths, how to create and implement customer success stories.

This post is all about social proof and the hard-working testimonial. 

“But we’re a humble company,” you say. “We don’t want to show off.”

Before you get worried this is tantamount to asking for referral business, think about this: How your favorite clients have found success using your services. 

Those same individuals may be willing to help you spread the word, and their influence on converting new prospects can be remarkable. 

  • One study shows testimonials on sales pages can lead to a 34% increase in conversions.
  • Other research says 72% of consumers say positive testimonials increase their trust in a business. 
  • This Nielsen study also found that while 92% of people will trust a recommendation from a peer, an incredible 70% will trust a recommendation from a complete stranger. 

Hunt and gather 

If you want to make testimonial-gathering a part of your company culture, you’ve got to rally your team on a regular basis to ask for them.  

And we’re willing to bet your very best customers may already have volunteered a great testimonial without any prompting.

A treasure trove of kind words about your business may also be scattered about — you just have to know where to look for them. Keep an eye (or ear out) for the following:

  • Grateful email messages
  • Social media kudos
  • Thank you notes
  • Media mentions
  • LinkedIn reviews 
  • Gratitude expressed in a call or Zoom meeting

With these raw materials, most of the hard work is already done for you. 

Thank the client for the feedback, and ask permission to feature their compliments in your content marketing.


Modify and simplify

Before publishing, you may have to edit or simplify their feedback. Don’t be shy about giving your customers’ words a little spit and polish. 

Follow the ABCs of testimonial writing by ensuring they are:

  • Aligned: They lead prospects to connect the dots about your company.
  • Brief: They don’t take a long time to read.
  • Concise: They are easily understood.  

Distribute and publish

Wherever you promote your brand, products, or services, give your efforts a boost with testimonials, including: 

  • Emails
  • Videos
  • Webpages (Products, Services)
  • Dedicated Testimonials page
  • Carousels
  • Next to hero images
  • Near calls to action

If your clients aren’t willing to be featured publicly, then consider creating an unlisted web page that features all your hard-earned testimonials in one place. Then, next time a prospective customer is on the fence, send them the unique link to help push them toward yes.

If you need more help with testimonials, check out these resources from HubSpot and Neil Patel.

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